Docking and mooring is an essential port service in the manoeuvring and positioning of the ship and its attachment to the quay or pier, floating units or other mooring structures. This service also includes the placement of the appropriate means of access to the vessel, such as boards, stairs and walkways.
Acostagem e amarração é um serviço portuário essencial na manobra e posicionamento do navio e na sua fixação ao cais, a unidades flutuantes ou a outras estruturas de amarração. Este serviço inclui igualmente a colocação dos meios adequados de acesso à embarcação, como sejam pranchas, escadas e passadiços.

With the exception of some port terminals that choose to guarantee this service to the ship, in Lisbon the activity is carried out by licensed companies, whose licensing and operating conditions comply with specific port regulations. See Tariffs and Regulation - Services to vessels for rules and tariffs of the different licensed companies.

Requests for docking and mooring service must be made via JUP (PSW-Port Single Window) and coordinated with the Port Authority.

AMARNAVE - Serviços Marítimos, Lda
Address: Praça Duque da Terceira 24, 3º Esq, salas 3.44 / 3.45 / 3.47
1200-161 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 422 918

ESPRIM - Centro de Acostagens, Amarrações e Serviços Marítimos, Lda
Address: Largo da Lagoa, 15 E, 1.º Piso
2795-116 Linda-a-Velha
Phone: (+351) 219 368 900

Pioneiro do Rio - Serviços Marítimos, Lda Pioneiro do Rio - Serviços Marítimos, Lda
Address: Rua das Gaivotas em Terra, Lote 2, 3.13.01 B
1990-601 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 422 897

Access to shipping agent the activity and its exercise are defined by Decree-Law 264/2012 of 20 December.

Shipping agents are legal persons who, on behalf of the shipowner or the maritime carrier, deal with all formalities related to ships’ call and their cargoes with different authorities of the port of call.

Access to the activity of shipping agent requires both registration in IMT, I.P. (Institute for Mobility and Transport, Public Institute) and, subsequently, in each Port Authority and Maritime Customs in the port where it intends to operate. For further information please contact

A full information list about shipping agents registered in port of Lisbon is being developed and will be available shortly. Until then, in the following list you will find the agencies names and their contacts.

Water supply to ships in the port of Lisbon is ensured at the quayside or offshore under the following conditions:

  • ●    At Alkion, TMPB and TSA terminals, as well as to cruise ships at the Lisbon Cruise Port, the supply from the quaywall is ensured directly by the terminals, which must be contacted for the provision of this service and whose tariffs can be found under Tariffs and Regulations - Port terminals;
  • ●    Supply from the quaywall in all other situations, terminals and quays, is ensured by APL, SA (Port Authority), upon prior request to be submitted by the ship or its shipping agent to (+351 213 922 034; +351 919 390 659) subject to a specific tariff that can be found under Tariffs and Regulations - Services to vessels - Water and energy;
  • ●    Water supply by ship to vessels at anchorage or moored at any terminal or quay in the port, is ensured by APL,S.A. upon prior request to be submitted by the vessel or its shipping agent via email to (+351 21392 2034; +351 919390659). The operation is limited to a maximum capacity of 40 tons per supply and subject to confirmation of availability of means by applying a one-off tariff.  

APL,S.A. also ensures the supply of electrical energy to ships on non-concessionary quays, under the conditions laid down in Chapter VII of APL, S.A.'s Tariff Regulations and by means of a request made by the ship or shipping agent to (+351 213 922 034; +351 919 390 659).

APP - Associação dos Portos de Portugal
Address: Cais da Rocha Conde d’Óbidos, Edifício da Gare Marítima – 1 Piso A
1350-352 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 396 20 35
Fax: +351 213 962 050

CPL - Comunidade Portuária de Lisboa
Address: Rocha de Conde d’Óbidos, Edifício da Gare Marítima - 2º piso, Sala C
1350-352 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 342 09 88

AGEPOR - Associação dos Agentes de Portugal
Address: Rocha Conde d’Óbidos, Edifício da Gare Marítima, 1º piso
1350-352 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 342 09 88

AOPL - Associação de Operadores do Porto de Lisboa
Address: Topo Oeste da Doca de Alcântara, Edifício
263 1350-352 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 939 911 
Fax: +351 213 939 919 

CPC - Conselho Português de Carregadores
Address: Apartado 3200 EC Junqueira
1301-965 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 601 123

APAT - Associação dos Transitários de Portugal
Address: Av. Duque de Avila, 9 -7º
1000-138 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 187 100
Fax:  +351 213 187 109

ANTRAM - Associação Nacional dos Transportadores Públicos Rodoviários de Mercadorias
Address: Rua do Conselheiro Lopo Vaz - Lote AB Escritório A,
1800-142 Lisboa 
Phone: +351 218 610 370
Fax: +351 218 686 428

AAMC - Associação de Armadores da Marinha de Comércio
Address: (Sede) Edifício da Gare Marítima da Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, 2º Piso,  Sala B
Cais de Alcântara,
1350 – 352 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 932 720
Fax :  +351 213 932 729

AATF- Associação dos Armadores do Tráfego Fluvial e Local
Address: Rua Bernardino Costa 13, 1º Lisboa
1200-052 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 475 733

Associação Portuguesa de Fornecedores a Navios
Address: Rua José Luís Monteiro, Lote 245 – Loja 4
1950-162 Lisboa PORTUGAL
Phone: +351 969 375 271

APLOG - Associação Portuguesa de Logística
Address: Alameda António Sérgio, 22 - 3º A, Miraflores 1495 - 132 ALGÉS
Phone: +351 214 135 740
Fax: +351 214 135 749

Ordem dos Despachantes Oficiais
Address: Avenida D. João II, nº35 - 5º P, 1990-083 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 393 13 20/1

In addition to the port authority, other official authorities are also active in the port, namely those operating in the dispatch of ships and goods, the circulation of people and commodities and both in safety and environmental control. 

Capitania Do Porto De Lisboa
Address: Alcântara - Mar (Norte)
1350-352 Lisboa
Phone: +351 210 911 100
Fax: 210 911 195

Polícia Marítima de Lisboa
Address: Alcântara- Mar (Norte)
1350-352  Lisboa
Phone: +351 210 911 149/55
Fax: +351 21 091 1195
Piquete: +351 918 498 025

Alfândega Marítima de Lisboa
Address: Avª Brasília
1399-050 Lisboa
Phone: +351 211 109 300
Fax: +351 211 109 390
Email: – geral; - manifestos.

Helpdesk SDS - Serviços Aduaneiros - SDS
Phone: +351 21 720 6707 (Ex.: 2,2,3)
Escolher opções nos Menus: * 1º Menu : 2; 2º Menu : 2; 3º Menu : 3  
Fora de horas (se disponível): 
Telefone: +351 223 395 890/5 893
Fax : 213 944 089

Direção de Serviços de Alimentação e Veterinária da Região de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo
Address: Rua Joaquim Pedro Monteiro, nº 8
2600-164 Vila Franca de Xira
Phone: +351 263 146 800   
Fax: +351 263 146 820

Núcleo de Alimentação e Veterinária de Alcântara
Edifício da Alfândega Marítima de Lisboa
Avenida Brasília
1399-050 Lisboa
Phone: +351 211 308 106
Email: /

Direção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo
Address: Quintados Olivais EN 3
2001-906 Santarém
Phone: +351 243 377 500 

Sanidade Marítima do Porto de Lisboa
Address: Rocha do Conde D´Óbidos
1350-352 Lisboa
Phone: (+351) 213 960 401; 213 936 540

SEF - Serviço De Estrangeiros E Fronteiras
Rua de Cintura do Porto d​e Lisboa
Edifício Pedro Nunes
1350-352 LISBOA
Phone: +351 213 913 680
Fax: +351 213 913 699

SEPNA – Serviço de Proteção da Natureza e do Ambiente
Address: Largo do Carmo, 1200-092 Lisboa, 1750-121 Lisboa Linha SOS
Phone: +351 213 217 000
Fax: +351 213 217 004

Supplying fuel and lubricant solutions in Lisbon are diverse, comprehensive throughout the port and adapted to the needs of ships.

Supplies can be made by barge, road-tanker or to the quay in a dedicated terminal.  

Due to its geographical position and natural characteristics, the Port of Lisbon also has unique conditions for supplying ships en route, a service called bunkers only in Lisbon.

Being considered a strategic investment, this service has reduced tariffs for port use and pilotage for ships. Additional information can be found in APL, SA's (Port Authority’s) Tariff Regulations.

Those operations comply with specific port regulations and require prior authorization to be addressed via JUP (PSW-Port Single Window), or by email by means of the appropriate form for vessels which is not included on this platform. See Tariffs and Regulations - Services to vessels - Fuels and lubricants for norms and form.

Such activity does not require port licensing in Lisbon, and those supply companies duly authorised by the competent bodies for the transport of the type of fuel products to be supplied to vessels may operate and have personnel duly qualified to manoeuvring and operate the equipment used.

The operators mentioned have port facilities for ship supplies in Lisbon.

With support from the Naval Assistance Station of the Port of Lisbon, Galp ensures the supply of ships with barge, road tanker and also by pipeline in Lisbon.
Galp provides the unique service of supplying the ship en route - bunkers only in Lisbon.

In Lisbon Repsol supplies local traffic, fishing and vessels with road tankers or by pipeline in its own terminal.
Mobile / Land line: +351 966 824 028 / +351 213 119 331
Fax: +351) 214 119 055
Land line (Repsol Banática Terminal): +351 212 945 200

According to the ship's needs and subject to availability, APL,S.A. (the Port Authority) may ensure the supply of the equipment listed below, in compliance with the conditions established in Chapter VI of the APL’s Tariff Regulations and by request submitted by the ship or shipping agent:

  • manoeuvring and maritime transport equipment, such as vessels and fenders (pontoon type, "Yokohama" type and "tyre" type), to be requested via JUP (PSW);

  • land transport equipment and manoeuvring, such as derricks, forklifts, tractors, cranes and walkways, to be requested via email (+351 21392 2034; +351 919390659);
  • means of fighting and mitigating both safety and environmental risks, such as auxiliary vessels, floating barriers to contain tank spills and pumps, among others, to be requested via JUP (PSW-Port Single Window).

The port cargo handling operation in public port terminals is carried out by stevedoring companies licensed and supervised by the port authorities.

There are also port labour companies, the activity of which is the provision of port labour to stevedoring companies, being licensed and supervised by IMT, I.P. (Institute for Mobility and Transport, Public Institute).

The legal regime for port operation is defined by Decree-Law No. 298/93, of 28 August 1993, as amended by Decree-Law No. 65/95, of 7 April 1995.

The legal regime of port labour is defined by Decree-Law No. 280/93 of 18 May 1993, as amended by Law No. 3/2013 of 14 January and Regulatory Decree No. 2/94 of 28 January 1994.

Stowage / stevedoring companies with port terminal concessions:

Stowage / stevedoring company without port terminal concession: 

  • MULTITERMINAL  - Sociedade de Estiva e Tráfego, S.A.
    Address: Rua Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, Edif. Terminal 1º, Edifício Terminal de Contentores de Santa Apolónia, Lisboa
    Phone: +351 21 321 41 40

Port labour companies:

  • PORLIS – Empresa de Trabalho Portuário, Lda.
  • ETP Prime – Empresa de Trabalho Portuário, Lda.

Supplying ships with provisions, equipment and other onboard supplies, known in the maritime scope as Ship Chandling, does not require port licensing in Lisbon. Nonetheless, access to terminals and ships requires a request for access to be submitted via JUP (PSW-Port Single Window) by the ship or its shipping agent.

Further information about this activity and contact details of Ship Chandlers operating in Lisbon can be provided by the Portuguese Ship Chandlers Association (Associação Portuguesa de Fornecedores a Navios).

Professional diving to provide services to ships is allowed in the Port of Lisbon, as long as the the service provider is duly certified 
by DGAM-Direcção-Geral da Autoridade Marítima Nacional. (DGAM-Directorate-General of the National Maritime Authority)

Maritime expertise service may be carried out at the Port of Lisbon by specialised companies.

The Department of Pilotage develops the activity of Pilotage as a public service, which consists of technical assistance to the Captains of vessels in the navigation movements and manoeuvres in waters under national sovereignty and jurisdiction, in order to carry them out in safe conditions

It is a service performed by piloting professionals of ports and bars, designated as Pilots, duly qualified and certified, with experience in driving and manoeuvring vessels in restricted waters and with knowledge of local physical characteristics and the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

Port Authority regulations (Chapter 4)
Quality policy
Quality management manual
General regulation of the piloting service

The public towage service to vessels and ships at the Port of Lisbon is essential for the safe berthing of cargo ships at the quay or at anchorage, as well as to ensure support to the Port Authority and other competent bodies in the prevention of accidents and both emergency and safety situations at the port.

Towage activity in the Port of Lisbon is carried out through licensing, under the terms of Decree-Law 75/2001 of 27 February and the specific port regulations, by the companies listed below. 
Regulations and tariffs applied by the different companies can be found at Tariffs and Regulations - Services to vessels - Tugs.

Towage services must be requested via JUP (PSW) and coordinated with the Port Authority.

Rebonave - Reboques e Assistência Naval SA
Ladeira da Ponte de S. Sebastião 3 
2900-564 Setúbal Portugal 
Land line / Mobile: +351 26 553 00 40 / +351 96 615 42 47 ;
24 hours contacts:
Mobile: +351 932 723 850 / +351 939 911 700

Licensed Fleet: 


Call Sign


Maximum Traction Force (tones) 







Voith Schneider




Twin Screw














Portugs II - Reboques Marítimos, SA

Gare Marítima da Rocha - Rocha Conde de Óbidos 
1350-352 Lisboa 
Land line: +351 21 394 28 80
24 hours contacts:
Mobile: +351 938 067 722

Licensed Fleet: 


Call Sign 


Maximum Traction Force (tones)

Portugs Leixões 




Portugs Sines 




Portugs Viana 




Portugs Cascais 




National ships and vessels, with the exception of those belonging to the Navy, are mandatorily subject to registration of ownership, abbreviated to registration, so that they can carry out the activity that determines their classification. 

Classification of vessels as to their intended activity, vessels of the national navy, including those of the State not belonging to the Navy, to internal security forces and services and to other State bodies with maritime surveillance powers, in accordance with the activities for which they are intended, are classified as set out bellow:

(a) Trade / Commerce
(b) Fishing 
(c) Leisure / Recreational 
(d) Tugs
(e) Research 
(f) Auxiliaries 
(g) Others belonging to the State.

The vessels referred to in (a), (b), (d) and (f) constitute the merchant navy and are called merchant vessels. 

Merchant vessels are also subject to compulsory commercial registration under the legislation in force.

Which entity is competent to register a vessel?  

O registo dos navios e embarcações nacionais é feito nas repartições marítimas, podendo os navios de comércio ser registados nos organismos indicados na legislação em vigor e, naqueles que, em Portugal continental e nas regiões autónomas dos Açores e da Madeira, vierem a ser fixados em Portaria do Governo. 

The registration of national ships and vessels is carried out at the maritime offices, while commercial vessels can be registered in the bodies indicated in the legislation in force and in those that, in mainland Portugal and in the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira, will be established by Government Order. 

In the case of new acquisitions or new constructions, the maritime office indicated in the respective authorization issued by the Maritime Administration is responsible for registration.

The ship repair sector is historical in the Port of Lisbon and remains well alive and in continuous demand.

The dynamism of the sector is due to the credibility, versatility and know-how of the shipyards based at the port.

From Navalrocha in Lisbon with its dry docks as a differentiating factor, to the technical capacity of Arsenal do Alfeite, the innovation in new constructions by Navaltagus, or the specialization of Batistas shipyards in dismantling and Cecílio&Carlos Sanfins in repair, the Port of Lisbon is an important hub of national naval industry and an international reference in the sector.

In terms of operation, ship repair activity throughout the port is subject to specific port regulations.

Repair work taking place outside shipyards, including those carried out by the crew itself, requires a prior request for authorization to be made via JUP (PSW-Port Single Window), or by email by means of an appropriate form for vessels not included in this platform. See Tariffs and Regulations - Services to vessels - Ship repair for standards and forms.

NavalRocha - Sociedade de Construção e Reparação Navais, S.A
Address: Estaleiro da Rocha Conde de Óbidos
1399-036 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 915 900 (Estaleiro/ Yard) / +351 213 915 914 (Escritório / Office)
Fax: +351 213 915 927

ARSENAL DO ALFEITE, S.A. - (Construção, Reparação e Manutenção Naval)
Address: Alfeite, Base Naval de Lisboa
2810-001 Almada
Phone: +351 210 950 800                 
Fax: +351 210 950 873

NAVALTAGUS - Reparação e Construção Naval, S.A
Address: Av. Mud Juvenil, Apartado 5
2840-474 Seixal
Phone: +351 211 128 512                 
Fax: +351 212 219 244

Cecílio & Carlos Sanfins, LD.ª (Reparação Naval)
Address: Estaleiros Navais do Talaminho
2845-413 Seixal
Phone: +351 212 277 912                 

BATISTAS- Reciclagem de Sucatas, S.A. (Desmantelamento de navios e embarcações)
Address: Cais Novo
2860-000 Alhos Vedros

The Port of Lisbon has implemented a ship waste management system, which aims to reduce waste dumping at sea, encouraging its delivery to the port, thus complying with Decree-Law No. 165/2003 of 24 July.

The Plan for the Reception and Management of Ship-generated Waste and Cargo Residues, known as PRGR2017-2019, is the supporting document for the management of ship waste and cargo waste at the Port of Lisbon, establishing for this purpose:

  • the legislation applicable in this field;
  • procedures for the management of ship-generated waste and cargo residues;
  • the responsibilities of those involved in the process;
  • the tariff regime;
  • the documentation of the system.

PRGR2017-2019 covers ships operating and calling at port, including recreational, fishing and warships, and applies to all types of waste produced on board and to cargo residues.

The collection of ship waste at the Port of Lisbon is guaranteed by operators contracted or licensed by APL, depending on the type of waste to be collected, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The collection of solid waste assimilated to urban waste is carried out by BLUEOTTER, under a concession for a period of 8 years, in force since 1st July 2013.

Hydrocarbon waste or waste contaminated with hydrocarbons, waste water and hazardous waste is collected by operators licensed by APL, which meet the requirements of the "Regulation for the collection of hydrocarbon waste, waste water and hazardous waste from vessels at the Port of Lisbon".

List of provider(s) and their contact details:

Operational coordinator: Eng. Alexandre Trindade
Mobile: 917 304 812
Operational coordinator: Dr. João Fernandes
Mobile:  +351 964 026 996 / 219 499 200
Email: /
RESICORREIA, Gestão e Serviços de Ambiente, Lda
Operational coordinator Coordenador operacional: Eng. Luis Miranda
Mobile: 919 271 302
Email: /
Operational coordinator: Eng. Carlos Cardoso
Mobile: +351 91 2300861

Other sites of interest for waste: