This terminal provides logistical services for the reception, storage and dispatch of bulk liquid products, including petroleum derivatives and products for the chemical and food industries.

It is the only specialised bulk terminal in the Port of Lisbon dedicated to public service, with a large portfolio of handled products and a competitive position in the fuel market. It is certified by SEVESO III.

The most handled products are diesel and petrol / gasoline, mostly from Portugal (port of Sines) and Spain (port of Castellon de la Plana) respectively.

  • Area: 7,3 ha (concession) + 27,6 ha (private)
  • Storage capacity: 175,208m3, distributed over 25 tanks from 50 to 29.000 m3
  • Handling capacity: 876,040 ton //yr 
  • Quay length: 80m (protected by 9 vertical fenders)
  • Depth: -9,5m HZ
  • Road access: links to several road axes through IC21: to the northern bank of the Tagus via either Vasco da Gama or 25 de Abril bridges; to the south through A12 and A2
  • Rail access: --
  • Maritime access: good access to the bar of the Port of Lisbon through the main navigation channel of the Tagus Estuary
  • 1 loading arm for VAM, EMCO WHEATON DN 6'' Type B0001 
  • 1 loading arm for acrylonitrile, FMC DN 6'' (200 m³/hour)
  • 1 loading arm for fuel CONEX Type 6/520 DN 8'' (1 200 m³/hour) 
  • 1 loading arm for fuel FMC DN 8'' (1 200 m³/hour) 
  • 2 loading arms for fuels CONEX Type 6/520 DN 8'' (Gas: 540m³/hour - Diesel: 900 m³/hour)
  • 1 loading arm for ammonia FMC DN 8'' RCMA manual; 300WN RF connection (750 m³/hour) 
  • 1 flexible hose for caustic soda (150 m³/h)
  • 1 flexible hose for bituminous asphalt (450 ton/h)
Logotipo Alkion


Chane Terminal Lisbon, S.A.


Tanks from 50 and 29.000 m3


Storage capacity (m3)


Liquid bulk throughput in the Port of Lisbon