To render a Client-oriented port based multifunctional service, according to principles of Operational and Economic-financial rationality, of Social and Environmental Efficiency and according to the best practices of Maritime and Patrimonial Safety.


To be heritage and reference of the Port of Lisbon as an Atlantic Port, asserting its multifunctionality according to the best standards of quality and effectiveness.


The following general principles are considered essential values and behaviors for the fulfillment of the Mission and Vision, by which personal and professional performance must be conducted within the scope of the current specific rules:

  • The loyalty, ethics and respect for the effort of all, and of each one, according to their abilities, skills and responsibilities committed to APL, SA;
  • The transparency of actions, performances and decisions;
  • The respect for the efforts made by each employee, for their expectations and for their commitment and dedication;
  • The global vision of shared objectives in accordance with the Company’s guidelines and policies;
  • The awareness, creativity and ability to innovate as structured forms for the development and survival of the Company;
  • The respect and concern for active cooperation with APL, SA clients within the principles of rationality and equity;
  • The commitment to practice equal opportunities and treatment as well as non-discrimination on grounds of family, ideology, psychophysical condition, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.