This is a privately used terminal, with capacity to handle oilseeds, equipped with storage capacity, and connected with a seed extraction unit. This terminal receives, by river, agri-food products from the Trafaria terminal for processing in its extraction unit, producing vegetable oil and biodiesel.

  • Area: 6,747m2
  • Storage capacity: 50,000 ton
  • Handling capacity: 864,000 ton/ yr 
  • Quay length: 60m
  • Depth:  -5m HZ
  • Road access: access to EN10 with connection to A1 
  • Rail access: branch line with access to the national railway network (northern line)
  • Maritime access: channel for barges
  • 1 crane with suction sleeve
  • 1 hopper


Iberol - Sociedade Ibérica de Biocombustíveis e Oleaginosas, S.A.


Railway lines


Automated vertical silos (tons)

River pier

With rail and road intermodal connections