This is a private use terminal specialising in the reception/dispatch and storage of chemicals, liquid fuels, asphalt bitumen, lubricants and liquefied petroleum gases. This terminal is certified by SEVESO III. The most handled products are diesel and fuel oil, mostly from Spain.

  • Area: 1,92 ha (licensed) + 26,43 ha (private)
  • Storage capacity: 72,896 m2
  • Handling capacity: 400,000 ton//yr 
  • Quay length: 25m (quay no.1 downstream) + 80m (quay no.2 upstream)
  • Depth: -11,5m HZ 
  • Road access: access to IC20 with connection to A1 and A2
  • Rail access: --
  • Maritime access: good access to the bar of the port of Lisbon through the main navigation channel of the Tagus Estuary
  • 2 forklift trucks
  • Products / flow rate for supply: diesel: +-60 m3/h as per entry into the ships and fuel or ifo +-300 ton/h or 170 ton/h or 70 ton/h
  • Products / flow rate for ship discharges / maximum pressures: butane 9 kg/cm2; propane 18 kg/cm2; fuel, diesel and chemicals 7.5 kg/cm2; asphalt - bridge 1: 5 kg/cm2; bridge 2: 7 kg/cm2
  • Flow rates: Lpg 200 m3/h; fuel and diesel 1,000 m3/h; asphalt 400 m3/h


Repsol, SA


Handling capacity (tons/year)


Fishing vessels, local traffic and Navy

Quality Lab.

Certified for fuels and wastewater (24 hours/365 days)