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The Port of Lisbon’s Training Centre (CFPL in Portuguese) integrates different spaces for vocational training actions and workshops. It is located on the 2nd floor of the emblematic Rocha Maritime Station, located on the Rocha Conde D’Óbidos Quay.

It is a historical building of recognized as cultural heritage, located in an eminently port environment, and also a space for the dissemination of knowledge, after all the ultimate purpose of the CFPL.

When not used by APL, S.A., the CFPL can be used by other entities under the terms and conditions set out in its Regulation.

In addition to the rooms dedicated to training, the CFPL also has a support room, offering various services, as well as a living area for coffee-breaks.

The facilities are equipped with suitable furniture for the development of various types of training activity and include two training rooms and an auditorium. There is a paid parking area in the surroundings.

 Access can be made by stairs or lift, allowing the visit of people with special mobility needs. The space is provided with emergency and safety signs and equipped with a fire detection system, with ionic smoke detectors.


This room is ideal for different types of training/ activity, has an area of 60 m2 and 3 m height, and seats 22 people. 

It is equipped with removable 2-seat tables (U-shaped) allowing other layouts, interactive whiteboard with incorporated projector, didax board and computer with Microsoft 10 Operating System and Office 2016.

This room is ideal for computer training actions (allowing other types of use, if the tables’ layout is kept), has an area of 60 m2 and 3 m height, and seats 12/14 people. 

It is equipped with I-Rise tables (U-shaped) with 12 embedded computers with Microsoft 20 Operating System and Office 2016, interactive whiteboard with incorporated projector, didax board and individual computer with the same operating system.

This audience room is a versatile space, that adapts to any type of training and workshops. It has an area of 232 m2 and 3.5 m height, and seats 110 people in the audience and 10 at the table presidency.

It is equipped with removable chairs with folding writing pad, projection screen, projector lift, translation booth, sound amplification system and portable microphones (table and hand), and ladies’ and men’s sanitary facilities. 
All CFPL’s rooms have blinds with natural light block levels and dimmer, air conditioning and wi-fi.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemiological situation, the CFPL has taken measures of security and prevention, namely, the reinforcement of the spaces cleaning and hygiene in each use and capacity reduction to guarantee an adequate social distance.

Contacts | Access

For further information on the CFPL, please contact:

Phone: +351 213 922 023 

Email: formacao@portodelisboa.pt