Rocha do Conde de Óbidos Maritime Station

Almada Negreiros Hall

Almada Negreiros Hall 

  • This room with a superb balcony over the Tagus is an ideal venue for solemn acts, exhibitions, new brand launch, advertising films, cocktails, and cold meals
  • 449m2 area
  • Height 11.5m
  • Support area 230m2
  • 16 amps electric power but with the possibility of increasing power up to 80 amps

Rocha Conde de Óbidos Auditorium (photos of the auditorium) 

Rocha Conde de Óbidos Auditorium

  • Large room with removable chairs, offering a versatile area that suits any type of meeting, training / activity, as it allows a wide range of possible arrangements, ideal 
  • For conferences, congresses, workshops, lectures or other initiatives.
  •  Capacity for 110 people in the audience and 10 at the presidency table 
  • Area of 232m2 
  • Height at 3,5m 
  • Support area 155m2 
  • Installed 16 amps electric power, possibility to increase up to 80 amps
  • Air conditioning
  • Equipped with detachable chairs with folding table stand, projection screen, projector 
  • lift, sound amplification system and portable microphones (table and hand). 

Fernão Magalhães Room 

  • Room equipped with computers ideal for using IT but also can be used just with the tables. The room has 60 m2 and 3 meters height, and capacity for 12/14 people.
  • Equipped with I-Rise tables (U-shaped) with 12 embedded computers with Microsoft 10 Operating System and Office 2016, interactive whiteboard with incorporated projector, didax board and individual computer with the same operating system.

Vasco da Gama Room 

  • Room for different types of training/ activity, with an area of 60 m2 and 3 meters height, with capacity for 22 people. 
  • It is equipped with removable 2-seat tables (U-shaped) allowing for another type of layout, interactive whiteboard with incorporated projector, didax board and computer with Microsoft 10 and Office 2016 operating system.

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