This is a private use terminal serving the first cement factory to be built from scratch in Portugal. Given its location it is one of the terminals in the port of Lisbon that most uses river traffic and offshore cargo handling, thus ensuring the export of clinker by river, on ships anchored offshore in Mar da Palha.

  • Area: 8,07 ha
  • Storage capacity: over 430,000 ton/yr
  • Quay length: 177m
  • Depth:  -5m HZ
  • Road access: access to EN10 with connection to A1 
  • Rail access: branch line with access to the national railway network (northern line)
  • Maritime access: channel for barges
  • Bulk loading station with capacity for 300 ton/hour


Cimpor - Indústria de Cimentos, S.A.


Solid Bulk exported through the Port of Lisbon (Cement)


Cement production installed capacity (M. tons)


User of inland waterways transport


Cement factory built in Portugal