Designation: APL – Administração do Porto de Lisboa, S.A. (Port of Lisbon Authority)

Legal Nature: Public Limited Company of exclusively public capital

Head Office: Gare Marítima de Alcântara 1350-355 Lisboa, Portugal

Commercial Register: Lisbon Commercial Registry Office, 1st Section

Registration Number (VAT Number): 501202021

Branch of Activity - CAE Code (Rev 3): 52220 - Auxiliary activities for water transport

Corporate Object: The corporate object of APL, S. A. is to manage the port of Lisbon, undertaking its economic use, conservation, and development, including the attributions and prerogatives assigned to the port authority. Thus, and in accordance with its statutes, APL, S. A. ensures the day-to-day functioning of the port in its multiple aspects: economic, financial and patrimonial, staff management and port development, as well as complementary, subsidiary or accessory activities. 

Competent Ministry: APL, S.A. is under the supervision of both the Ministry for Infrastructure and Housing (for port sector related matters), and the Ministry for Finance (for financial matters).

Jurisdiction area: The jurisdiction area of the Port of Lisbon is established by Article 7 of the Decree-Law 336/98 of November, 3.  
Its land area covers 11 municipalities: Oeiras, Lisboa, Loures, Vila Franca de Xira, Benavente, Alcochete, Montijo, Moita, Barreiro, Seixal and Almada, extending for 273 km of riverfront, with 110 km corresponding to the Tagus estuary (50 km on the right bank and 60 km on the left bank) and 163 km to the tidal creeks and navigable channels affluent to the estuary.
As for river and sea it covers an area of 31600 ha with the alignment of the Torres de São Julião and Bugio as the limit downstream, and Vila Franca de Xira as the limit upstream.

Patrimony: The lands, embankments and maritime works situated within the jurisdiction area of the Company belong to the public domain of the State and are attributed to APL, S.A., as well as goods allocated to the fishing activity, first sale fish services and connected activities. Real estate or buildings acquired by APL, and those that, through title, have reverted in its favour or have been definitively given, even identified or registered as a domain of the State, or omission from the matrix, and in land registers, are considered integrated in APL, S.A.’s patrimonial domain.

Shareholder structure

Share capital: 60.000.000 Euros
The company’s capital, fully subscribed and paid up, is currently divided into 12.000.000 shares, with a Par Value of 5 Euros per unit, and held exclusively by the State, through the General Directorate for Treasury and Finance.

Under the terms of the company’s Statutes, positive results of each financial year, duly approved, should be applied as follows:

a) A minimum of 10% to constitute or integrate the legal reserve, until achieving the legally required sum;
b) Other applications imposed by law;
c) A percentage to be distributed between the shareholders, as a dividend, to be defined by the General Assembly through majority of votes expressed;
d) For other ends that the General Assembly will decide on in the best interest of the company.
Whenever the volume of the income justifies so, the General Assembly may decide to attribute the staff and the members of the Board of Directors a percentage of the profits in accordance with criteria defined by the Board, up to a maximum of 10% of the profits.


The Decree-Law No. 336/98, of 3 November (with the amendments introduced by Decree-Laws No. 334/2001, of 24 December, No. 46/2002, of 2 March and No. 15 / March 9, 2016) enshrines the rules governing the company's activity and Statutes.

The aforementioned diploma determined the transformation of Administração do Porto de Lisboa from a public institute into a public limited company with exclusively public capital, changing its name to APL - Administração do Porto de Lisboa, S.A. (APL, S.A.).

In May 2008, changes to the Company’s Statutes were approved by the General Assembly in order to include the new inspection model, resulting in changes at the Governing Bodies level, and respective attributions.

Subsequently, Decree-Law No. 15/2016, of 9 March, amended article 9 of the Statutes.

Statutes of APL - Administration of the Port of Lisbon, S.A.