In a universe of about 500 entities installed in the public domain under the jurisdiction of APL-Administração do Porto de Lisboa, S.A. (Port of Lisbon Authority), several are the services and activities, distributed among the 11 municipalities surrounding the River Tagus estuary, and on both banks, which enjoy the view and benefit from its proximity.

For example, they share spaces along both banks of the Tagus, from the alignment of the towers of São Julião and Bugio to the bridge of Vila Franca, on the north bank, and from the Bugio tower to Ponta da Erva, at the mouth of the Benavente channel, on the south bank, public clubs and institutions (about 60), restaurants, bars and discos (about 80), offices (about 40) and many other businesses related to industry, commerce and services, such as gyms, shipyards and repairers, petrol stations and car parks.


Available spaces


Nautical and Sports Clubs


Shipyards and Ship Repairers