Documentation and Archive Centre

The Documentation and Archive Centre acquires, provides and disseminates relevant information for the Port of Lisbon, in printed or electronic form, bearing in mind not only the functional internal needs, but also those of the general public.


Its bibliographic collection comprises about 4.400 titles (monographs, reports, and studies) and about 200 titles of periodicals, in printed and electronic form, including technical publications in the port and maritime fields.

In this collection, we highlight several historical publications of our own edition, available on paper, but also in digital form and online at, namely: 

  •  The newsletters collection about the Port of Lisbon and its activities, namely the “Boletim do Porto de Lisboa” (1951-1988) and the “Boletim Magazine” (1989-1993), among others;
  • Annual Reports collection, from 1917 to the present day;
  • Various books on the history of the Port of Lisbon over the centuries, namely "100 Years of the Port of Lisbon" and "Historical References of the Port of Lisbon".

The Documentation and Archive Centre also has the responsibility to manage, treat and preserve the port authority’s records. In June 2019, the Port Authorities of Lisbon, Setúbal and Sesimbra centralised their archives in a single space, located in Baía do Tejo, in Barreiro, thus allowing the documentary collection of these ports to serve not only the respective port administrations, but also the general public and the scientific community.


You can search the Port of Lisbon’s documentary collection at, we highlight: 

  • Passenger lists, from 1955 to 1987;
  • Studies and projects in the jurisdiction area;
  • Historical contracts collection (1907-1998);
  • Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings collection (1907-1998);
  • Topographic and hydrographic maps and drawings of buildings belonging to the port authority (about 32.000).

The Documentation and Archive Centre is also responsible for APL, S.A.'s cultural objects, with special mention to its photographic collection, comprising about 6.000 photographs from the 1st half of the 20th century, all restored and digitalized.

Over the years, the Documentation and Archive Centre has participated in several exhibitions and initiatives organized by different entities, through the loan of these cultural objects. 

The services provided by the Documentation and Archive Centre are:

  • Reference service – we aid and guide users in searching for information;
  • Remote access - access to information resources through our catalogue ( and e-mail;
  • Monthly edition of the newsletter “Carta Náutica” and of the publication “Boletim Bibliográfico”.

The Documentation and Archive Centre’s library reading room is located at Edifício Infante D. Henrique, in Alcântara Dock, in Lisbon. It is now open for pre-booked visits only, offering a limited service to visitors, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us first by e-mail.


The Archives of the Ports of Lisbon, Setúbal and Sesimbra are located at Edifício Guadiana, in Baía do Tejo, in Barreiro. All visits to the Archives must always be booked in advance. Please contact us by e-mail.

E-mail –
Phone – +(351) 21 361 10 45/64/74; 21 392 2224
Address – Edifício Infante D. Henrique, Doca de Alcântara, 1399-012 Lisboa (library)
Edifício Guadiana - Rua 48, n.º 1 - Baía do Tejo - Parque Empresarial da Quimiparque, Barreiro (archives)

Regulation of the Archives of the Ports of Lisbon, Setúbal and Sesimbra