Aplicação Jul Mobile
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JUL Mobile App

A mobile version of the Logistics Single Window (JUL), which allows the management of ship calls processes at any Portuguese port, is available since November 29th, 2021. In this initial phase, the features made available were identified as being on the critical path to achieving greater flexibility and speed in actions. The JUL mobile version is fully adapted for mobile devices (only for Android, in this initial stage) and will provide port users with greater mobility, cost reduction and consequent productivity increase in their activities. It was much awaited, and thus it was received with great satisfaction.
In the short term, it is expected the development of new features, as well as the extension to iOS equipment.
To install the app, please visit the JUL online page at: https://jul.nsw.pt/index.php/noticia/nova-aplicacao-para-smartphone-jul-mobile-ja-se-encontra-disponivel/.
This solution is exclusive for users with a JUL login, with all the already existing features, like check departures, arrivals, ships and so on, still available for the general public on the Port of Lisbon’s website.