The port of Lisbon is a centuries-old witness to the entrance of the Tagus River to the Atlantic Ocean.

The good conditions of navigability and safety of the Tagus estuary have always favoured human presence in the area. The oldest vestiges date back to prehistory, passing through here Phoenicians, Romans, Barbarians, Moors and Crusaders, who helped D. Afonso Henriques to take Lisbon.

Over the centuries and after the founding of Portugal, the Port of Lisbon has been the protagonist of history, whether in the struggle for territorial expansion and the defence of independence, or as a starting point for the Discoveries and the arrival place of its heroes and wealth from beyond sea.

In response to the growing logistics challenges of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the modernization of the port takes place on October 31, 1887, with the inauguration of the works that founded the port of Lisbon today.