Encontros na Marina III

14 March, 2024

Comunicados de imprensa Sustentabilidade

"Meetings at the Marina III" - Port of Lisbon and Wavecom sign agreement for decarbonization in Recreational Boating

The Port of Lisbon and Wavecom have signed a collaboration agreement for the development and implementation of pilot projects aimed at more efficient and intelligent management of recreational boating, particularly in the supply of water and energy to vessels. The event will take place on March 18th at 10 am in the auditorium of the Alcântara Maritime Terminal. This is another initiative integrated into the Decarbonization Roadmap of the Port of Lisbon and is part of the 3rd edition of the Meetings at the Lisbon Marina, under the theme "From Emission to Solution: Strategies for Decarbonization". The seminar is marked by a roundtable discussion dedicated to the theme "Decarbonizing recreational boating: synergies and cooperation" and presentations on "Decarbonizing leisure: nautical solutions for self-sustainability" by Faroboat and "Smart Marinas" by Wavecom. The morning dedicated to decarbonization, digitalization, and innovation in the port sector concludes with the signing of the collaboration protocol between the Port of Lisbon and Wavecom. It is recalled that the first session of this roadmap took place on February 16th and culminated in the signing of the collaboration agreement with Mobi-e.

Meetings at the Lisbon Marina 2024
Meetings at the Lisbon Marina comprise seven days of ecological and environmental, cultural, recreational, and sporting initiatives for all, by prior registration, beginning next Saturday, March 16th. The weekend starts with a morning dedicated to Sailing Baptisms for a group of +55 years old, at the Santo Amaro Dock, organized in collaboration with Seawoman. On Sunday, March 17th, the doors of the Alcântara Maritime Terminal open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm so that everyone can get to know the Almada Negreiros Panels.

From March 18th to 22nd, the Port of Lisbon is preparing an action dedicated to marina clients, providing free use of the Pump Out service, a system for pumping wastewater from recreational vessels. On March 19th, at 10 am, in conjunction with the Blue Flag Association for Environment and Education, a cleaning action takes place at Algés Beach. Also on this day and until March 21st, the Lisbon Naval Club offers three experimental Rowing sessions at the end of each day.

To close the 3rd edition of the Meetings at the Lisbon Marina, the afternoon of March 21st, Thursday, is dedicated to getting to know the 100% electric vessel Faro5 Wood, from Faroboat, at the Santo Amaro Dock. The visit to the Dolphin Observatory in the Tagus, at the VTS Tower, is reserved for March 22nd, the last day of the event.