Tejo Live

13 May, 2021

Comunicados de imprensa Tecnologia e inovação

Port of Lisbon launches TEJO LIVE project

The webcam that shows the Tagus 24 hours a day
The Port of Lisbon Authority (APL) launched TEJO LIVE, a free 24/7 service that provides a global view between the 25 de Abril Bridge and the approach area to the port of Lisbon, ensuring a privileged view of the Tagus River. The images are transmitted from a webcam installed on the 7th floor of the Centre for Coordination and Control of Maritime Traffic and Safety (VTS Building, in Algés). Carlos Correia, member of the board of directors of APL, added that «As in several other cities around the world, where webcams are placed in touristic spots, we believe that the Tagus has a remarkable life of its own and deserves to be publicized and known internationally. This will be possible through the Tejo Live project, available on the port of Lisbon´s website».
This new service allows those who access Tejo Live, at any time and place with an internet connection, to watch the movement of ships entering and leaving the port of Lisbon, check weather and sea conditions, watch nautical events of public interest, and contributes to the safety of the Tagus.
Certain points focused by the webcam may have a descriptive caption, thus allowing the identification of the places and images that are being seen.

TEJO LIVE has a pre-defined filming cycle associated to and allows remote operation. The filming cycle can be changed and adapted to different situations, such as, for example, nautical or sports events taking place in the Tagus.
The installed webcam has a 32x-zoom capability, night vision, 24-hour operation and provides virtually real-time images, with a delay of about 30 seconds, with no recording or storing of images, thus complying with the applicable legislation in force.
After analyzing the results of this initiative, it is planned to widen TEJO LIVE to the entire area of the Tagus estuary under APL's jurisdiction, through the installation of more webcams.
The port of Lisbon and the Tagus estuary, the largest wetland in Western Europe, are the common thread that links 11 municipalities, which have been twinned for centuries with the experience of their people. TEJO LIVE is another initiative of APL that will strengthen this link, constituting a space open to the community, to support the development of initiatives in the educational, sports, cultural and leisure areas.