Protocolo CMO APL

19 February, 2024

Comunicados de imprensa

Port of Lisbon Administration and Oeiras Municipal Council sign contract for shared management of Algés Riverside

The Port of Lisbon Administration signed today with the Oeiras Municipal Council the contract for the shared management of the Algés Riverside, through the municipal company Parques Tejo, responsible for managing public parking services in Oeiras.
This agreement helps to enhance the port-city relationship and brings new dynamics to the coastal area of Oeiras municipality, especially along the axis between Algés and Cruz Quebrada-Dafundo.
The contract is valid for a period of 10 years and involves the shared management of the Algés Riverside. Parques Tejo is responsible for managing and operating the parking areas and surrounding spaces of the riverside, as well as the enjoyment of activity and leisure spaces, such as Algés Beach.
"This is an important moment that reflects the conditions that the Oeiras Municipal Council and APL have created to have a better relationship today and to achieve results, as exemplified by the signing of this agreement. This protocol is a fundamental step in aligning visions for a common good, making the most of this interface area in Algés," highlighted the Mayor of Oeiras, Isaltino Morais.
This contract also stipulates that Parques Tejo will carry out road reordering in the area to facilitate local circulation and vehicle parking.
For the Chairman of the Board of Directors of APL, Carlos Correia, "This protocol we are signing today represents a mutual commitment between APL and the Oeiras Municipal Council to protect the Algés Riverside and is one of the revealing examples of this joint willingness to preserve and improve our territory and natural heritage, which now gives a new dynamic to the Oeiras municipality."
"But this is also a future-oriented relationship, reflected in a common vision to realize a hub for the blue economy and contribute to positioning the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and our country internationally with the Ocean Campus," emphasizes Carlos Correia.
The ceremony took place at the VTS Tower in Algés and was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of APL, Carlos Correia, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Parques Tejo, Rui Rei, and the Mayor of Oeiras, Isaltino Morais.