Located in the industrial park of Barreiro, TB is a public service terminal with capacity to handle solid and liquid bulks. This terminal currently handles mainly scrap metal, which is the raw material for steel production by Siderurgia Nacional in its industrial facility in Seixal.

  • Area: 1,96 ha (concession) + 1,05 ha (private)
  • Handling capacity: 1,000,000 ton/yr
  • Quay length: 170m (quay nº.2) + 200m (quay nº 5)
  • Depth:  -9,5m e -10,5m hz
  • Road access: links to several road axes through IC21: to the northern bank of the Tagus via either Vasco da Gama or 25 de Abril bridges; to the south through A12 and A2
  • Rail access: dedicated branch line with the possibility of connection to the national rail network (southern line) via the private branch line of Baía do Tejo
  • Maritime access: direct connection to the bar of the Port of Lisbon, through CUF channel, at an average distance of 12 miles

Quay no. 2:

  • 2 Caillard gantry cranes of 10 ton (500 ton/hour each) and reach of 22m

Quay no. 5:

  • 2 Stother & Pitt track cranes of 5 ton (300 ton/hour each) and 22m reach
  • 2 Sennebogen swivel cranes for scrap handling 
  • 1 load belt with an approximate pace of 150 ton/hour and a power of 18,5 kw 
  • 4 wheel loaders
  • 3 forklift trucks of 2,5, 3 and 10 ton respectively


Atlanport - Sociedade de Exploração Portuária, S.A.


Most unloaded non-food dry bulk in the Port of Lisbon


Handling capacity (tons/year)

Quay 2

Solid bulk

Quay 5

Solid bulk and liquid bulk (pipelines)