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The Port of Lisbon
   14 December | 21:52
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Portal do Porto de Lisboa
Puerto de Lisboa
Port of Lisbon. Venue
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The Port of Lisbon offers a set of places with unique characteristics and fantastic potential, demonstrating the secular connection of the Portuguese to the sea and its projection for the future, visible in the riverfront in places like the Maritime Stations of Alcântara and of Rocha, the places around the Belém Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries and the Docas de Santo Amaro and of Bom Sucesso, taking on an important role in the disclosure of areas of such historical relevance for Portugal.
These spaces inspired by the River and by all its beauty attract people and new dynamics. Good accessibility, total comfort, easy parking in a noble area of the city of Lisbon.
Spaces where architectural heritage mingles with the present with a set of buildings with distinct typology, size and features. Classical or modern, traditional or innovative, big or small.
Spaces where you can organise fairs, concerts, promotional events, large size area like the levelled ground of Algés or the one in Santos, distinct warehouses with port clear port features like Armazém 23 or Armazém C2, places where any sort of event can be held.
Spaces available at the ideal meeting point, where Lisbon touches the Tagus, where fun happens and life is warmed up by the sun and lit up by the moon.
The Marketing department of APL, S.A. aims at affording a greater number of leisure and entertainment activities to the population that uses the jurisdiction area of the Port of Lisbon.
For this purpose it was established that the spaces not used for port activity should be exploited so as to create proceeds to then invest in initiatives that bring the citizens closer to the river and consequently closer to the Port.
The work that has been developed mainly in the area of promotion has made this intervention area of APL, S.A., namely all its no-shipping activities a commercially competitive product in various markets, specially in leisure and in services, according to the needs of the market allowing for further investment in urban requalification and in the offer of quality spaces by the river. Moda Lisboa, the Optimus Open Air cinema festival, the Lisbon half marathon, the Tall Ship's Race, the Victor Hugo Cardinali circus, TMN 24 Horas with live concerts and DJ´S, Lisbon Dakar, HYPE TEJO with Massive Attack and DJ Marlboro, etc., are some of the events that have been held here.
But above all we want to develop a healthy and fruitful relationship with the riverfront local governments and the population increasing the revitalisation of recreational areas and leisure spaces.
Our work aims at first surprising all those that seek fun, relaxation, culture, sports and leisure by the river.
Rita Coimbra
Tel. +(351) 21 (361 10 21)
Fax. +(351) 21 (361 10 19)
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