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The Port of Lisbon
   23 February | 20:01
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What it is RSS (Really Simple Syndication)?

It is a format that allows our Navigators to receive updates directly of items that have been recently inserted on the APL Portal…

How do I use this?

As with any type of format, you will need the necessary program to read the content… Nowadays, almost all internet programs allow RSS feed (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.), but there are also specific programs for this purpose (FeedReader, NewsFeed, BottomFeeder, etc.)

Thus, if you have a browser that is compatible with RSS, and you would like to receive the latest news from our Portal, please click below.

If you happen to have a dedicated reader, copy the address indicated on the above link, and insert this into your reader…
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APL - Administração do Porto de Lisboa, S.A.
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