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The Port of Lisbon
   21 February | 19:13
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Portal do Porto de Lisboa
Puerto de Lisboa
Port of Lisbon
The Port of Lisbon
Port of Lisbon. The Port of Lisbon. Safety and Security. Manoeuvring of Vessels. VTS Maritime Traffic Control Centre - Lisbon
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Maritime Traffic Control Centre - VTS Lisboa Maritime Traffic Control Centre - VTS Lisboa
The Maritime Traffic Control Centre, VTS – Lisbon, manages the navigation within the jurisdiction area of the Authority of the Porto f Lisbon, with the Vasco da Gama bridge as upstream limit and provides information and advises ships that navigate in the Tagus estuary and near it, up to 16,5 nautical miles, centred on VTS - Lisbon.
Application and Report Points
The system is mandatory and applicable to all vessels with VHF station license, except for the following vessels:
· Local fishing
· Local traffic
· Recreational with total length of 20 metres
Ships destined for the Porto f Lisbon and / or the Bay of Cascais, must confirm the hour of arrival 2 (two) hours beforehand.
Ships have to report the following events to the VTS-Lisbon:
· Passing through the line defined by the circumference arc with a range of 16,5 nautical miles and centred in VTS – Lisbon.
· Passing through the line of Between Capes (the line that links the Espichel and Raso capes)
· Passing Between Towers (the line that links the S. Julião Lighthouse and Bugio)
· Berthing
· Dropping
· Anchoring
· Suspending
· Passing by Ponte Vasco da Gama (when applicable)
· Ships have to maintain permanent watch to VHF ch 13 and 14.
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