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The Port of Lisbon
   28 May | 15:25
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The Port of Lisbon
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Cruise ships at the Port of Lisbon from December 23rd to 29th
23 December 2019
From 23rd to 29th December the Port of Lisbon welcomes 4 cruise ships - Magellan, Aurora, Artania and Ventura. On the 23rd Magellan is taking a 21-night cruise that has London as homeport and Rotterdam, Vigo, Lisbon, Mindelo, Praia, Tenerife, St Cruz de La Palma, Arrecife, Funchal and Leixões as ports of call. The Aurora call on Christmas Eve is part of a 14-night cruise that has Southampton as homeport and Lisbon, Arrecife, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, St Cruz de La Palma and Funchal as ports of call   Read More
The Port of Lisbon with its new line to Asia welcomes the largest container-carrier ever
05 November 2008
On 4 October, the Container Terminal at Alcântara, at the Port of Lisbon, welcomed “Pucon”, one of the largest container-carriers in the world. By doing so it inaugurated a new regular line, the “ANE” (Asia North Europe Service), which will connect Lisbon to Shanghai  Read More
“Song of the Whale" comes to Lisboa
05 August 2008
The “Song of the Whale”, a marine species research sail-boat, is currently moored in Alcântara Docks for a stay of approximately one month. This boat, pertaining to the International Fund for Animal Welfare  Read More
Port of Lisbon vanguard in the detention of illegal radioactive substances
05 June 2008
On 26 May, the North American Department of Energy (DoE) signed a protocol with the Portuguese State for the installation of vestibules for radiation detention, technically known as RPMs (Radiation Portal Monitors), at the port of Lisbon  Read More
NovaAlcântara enhances the Port of Lisbon’s capacity
08 May 2008
During a ceremony held at the Gare Marítima in Alcântara on 28 April the Government presented the NovaAlcântara project, an investment of 407 million euros (227 million invested by Liscont and the other 180 by Refer and APL). This plan is divided into two major areas of intervention, one related to railroads, and the other of a port nature, that foresees the augmentation of the containers terminal at Alcântara and for which the workmanship has already begun and is anticipated to conclude in 2013   Read More
Protocol signed between APL, REFER and Abertis contemplates inter-modality
02 April 2008
On 10 March, APL, REFER and Abertis signed a protocol in the scope of the future North Lisbon Logistical Platform. This Logistical Platform reflects the objectives outlined by the Portuguese Government. It is intended as a strategic tool towards national development, and as a method of articulation between transport means, from both an economic and an environmental point of view, as is the case with railroad, maritime and fluvial transport.  Read More
The Port of Lisbon “feeds” the logistic platform planned for Madrid
12 February 2008
On 29 January at the Real Casa de Correos in Mostoles, the Vice President of the Local Government of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio González, accompanied by the alcaide of Mostoles, Esteban Parro presented the “Puerta del Atlântico” logistical platform. The platform will be situated in Mostoles and is perceived as the “Dry Port” (“porto seco”) of the Port of Lisbon  Read More
APL reinforces its security with the acquisition of two more pilot motor boats
30 January 2008
APL adjudicated the construction of two pilot motor boats to the Peniche Naval Shipyards for a value of 1.140.000,00 Euros. The new boats are incorporated within a policy of fleet renewal   Read More
Fireworks concludes the first centenarian
15 January 2008
A huge fireworks spectacle marked, on 19 December, the closing of the commemorations of the first centenarian of the Administration of the Port of Lisbon, during an event carried out at the Gare Marítima de Alcântara.   Read More
APL creates Forum for the Simplification of Procedures at the Port of Lisbon
27 December 2007
On 17 September, 2007 the Operating Rules were duly approved. It was decided to create the Forum following an assessment within the scope of PEPL. The Forum was identified as an initiative targeted at improving the logistical offer related to the port and with the intention of contributing to an increase in the flow of logistic chains, services that these may offer, ultimately decreasing logistic costs.   Read More
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