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The Port of Lisbon
   27 September | 19:12
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The Port of Lisbon
Port of Lisbon. The Port of Lisbon. MIELE
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MIELE - Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environment sustainability MIELE - Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environment sustainability

Apresentações do "Projeto MIELE Stakeholders Workshop", realizado a 09 de Maio de 2012, na Gare Marítima da Rocha Conde de Óbidos, em Lisboa.

Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environment sustainability (MIELE)” project is co-financed by the European Union Trans-European Transport Network (Ten-T) in ‘Motorways of Seas (MoS)' field. Member States involved in this multi-annual project are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Cyprus. There are fourteen cooperating partners responsible as administrations, port authorities, logistics operators, classification society, ICT experts and technology providers. The timeframe of the MIELE project is between September, 2010 and December, 2013.

In the era of globalization, logistics and transport network activities have been reshaping in an integrated way that international competitiveness is sustained via rapid and high-value responses. This also requires co-operative functioning of actors in this network. Although, capturing, processing, storing, visualizing and distribution of logistics related information are facilitated via ICT systems’ network at present, new patterns are emerging.
MIELE project is the force aiming to develop an interoperable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform for fostering the integration of different multimodal transport and logistics service providers in EU and international network.
For further information, please also visit MIELE Project webpage and Ten-T EA webpage.
MIELE Project Activity Groups
Main activities planned in the project are grouped in six areas. Activity 1 is aiming to picture a detailed identification of existing situation (current systems, standards and requirements) and needs of stakeholders (logistics operators, port authorities, shipping lines, container terminals, etc.). In Activity 2, each country will develop their national working concepts based on existing technologies and these concepts will be adjusted. During the Activity 3, working concept of each country will be tested. After then, Activity 4 will perform the integration of tested working concepts via MIELE Middleware demonstrator. Activity 5 and Activity 6 are the transversal efforts of the project partners.

Activity 1 - User needs and MIELE architecture
Activity 2 - Adjustment of National Vertical Pilots – Peer review
Activity 3 - Vertical Demonstrators of Member States
Activity 4 - MIELE Middleware Demonstrator
Activity 5 - Dissemination, Stakeholders contribution, Exploitation and Impact Assessment
Activity 6 - Coordination and Management
Portuguese Pilot
Portuguese partners involved in MIELE project are APL, Port of Lisbon Administration, APDL Port of Douro and Leixões Administration and IPTM. This project on the Portuguese side is coordinated by IPTM.
The Portuguese Project Team is compose by :
Steering Committee
IPTM - João Carvalho, President of the Board
APL - Natércia Cabral, President of the Board
APDL- João Pedro Matos Fernandes, President of the Board
Project Coordination Committee (PCC)
IPTM - Heloísa Cid
APL – Clara Xavier
APDL – Marinho Dias
The Portuguese Vertical Pilot is supported by:
· The previous successful solutions in sector namely Portuguese Port Single Window (PSW), Pipe, VTMIS; some of these projects were funded by the EU
· A vision built together with a close identification of Stakeholders Needs and Administration needs identified on MIELE activity 1
· A reflexion to address a more effective implementation of Directive 2010 /65 /EU
· The State of art of other European projects.
The Portuguese Vertical Pilot will address to develop six strands:
· The pilot on Directive 2010 /65 materializing a use case on Waste management with Italy and Cyprus
· The concept of PCS (Port Community System), a relationship materializing around the port as a whole, as a simple node to interoperate on the logistic services network
· The construction of a pilot Single Window Logistics, a Business to Business Platform by applying best practices of courier modes of large capacity
· The concept of e-Maritime National Single Window to play a coordination role by managing the information exchange and sharing between the EMSA subsystems and the port single windows (PSW)
· The assessment to stakeholders’ implementations on LSW complementary works.
· The environmental footprint of logistic services chains for each real use case
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