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The Port of Lisbon
   02 June | 09:18
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Portal do Porto de Lisboa
Puerto de Lisboa
Port of Lisbon
The Port of Lisbon
Port of Lisbon. The Port of Lisbon. Culture and Entertainment
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Culture and Entertainment Culture and Entertainment
In addition to the important role which it assumes within the frame of national and international maritime transports, tourist cruises and recreational boating, the Port of Lisbon also assumes itself as an acknowledged centre of attraction of populations who live in or visit the city of Lisbon and the River Tagus.
Within this vast area under the jurisdiction of the port of Lisbon, the river accompanies us at every moment. On both banks of the Tagus, there are a variety of restaurants, bars, outdoor cafés and other types of offers which every day invite people to enjoy the tranquillity which the river promotes.
An important part of the Lisbon night life happens by the river. Important actors of the international night life constant sought out the port to liven up the nights of Lisbon at the nightclubs and bars.     
The Port of Lisbon is a permanent stage of entertainment ad culture – it hosts large musical concerts, shows of all types, both open air and in covered spaces.
Entertainment stretches out to the waters where the various water sports charm the city – from sailing to canoeing, from rowing to water motorsports.
The Port of Lisbon is the meeting point between the pleasure which the river inspires and the rhythms of the city.
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