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The Port of Lisbon
   20 March | 17:15
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Portal do Porto de Lisboa
Puerto de Lisboa
Port of Lisbon. Help on Site
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The Portal is presented to users as a collection of pages organized by regions. This allows for a structured navigation in accordance with the context, facilitating the rapid access to new information, most relevant or requested. There is a central region where the information is presented, or indicators for obtaining the desired information (other pages or files).

Therefore, there are 10 regions, as follows:

1 - Top of page. This contains the logo and photograph related to the context. By clicking on the logo, the user will always return to the Home Page.
2 - Region to access the 4 main themes.
3 - Region reserved for the most relevant news
items referring to all themes. On the other pages the user will find further information or indicators to get to information (files and other pages).
4 - Menu region, sensitive to context. This is to say that it changes in accordance to the theme presented on the page. The Main Menu (on the Home Page) gives access to complementary information on the activities of the Port, in other words, giving access to information that is not found organized in the 4 principal themes as well as grouping diverse information in various areas (e.g. Tariffs)
5 - Region for alerts / access to new projects, information and activities.
6 - Region for specifying search terms. A search is conducted using all content from the Portal, including annexed documents. This also allows for a more advanced search, such as restricting the search by type of document (category) and / or themes (perspectives).
7 - Region for tools. This area contains tools to access the most viewed information. This is constant during navigation.
8 - Region of protection level. This indicates, at every moment, the level of security of the Portal of the Port of Lisbon.
9 - Region for authenticating users. This gives access to internal spaces reserved for clients and business partners.
10 -  Region for information and help. This is constant during navigation.

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APL - Administração do Porto de Lisboa, S.A.
Gare Marítima de Alcântara
1350-355 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: +351 21 361 10 00

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