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The Port of Lisbon
   10 August | 22:42
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Port of Lisbon. Environment. Surveys and Projects
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Studies and Projects Studies and Projects
Concluded Projects

Multimodal Terminal at Xabregas
The Administration of Porto de Lisboa, S.A. (APL) has now proceeded to open a new canal to access the Multimodal Terminal at Xabregas, which involved establishing dragging to the quota of -11,5m (Z.H.).
This navigable canal will allow for the movement of container ships, in any sea state, taking advantage of all the potentialities of the Wharf.
This Project was exemplary with respects to the environmental accompaniment at every step, from planning to execution.
Whilst it was still in a project phase, APL, S.A. requested the elaboration of an intense campaign to characterize the sediments within the area to be dragged, in order to create the new canal to access the Multimodal Terminal at Xabregas. This campaign took place between August and December 2002, with samples being collected until the profundity of the dragging, with a tolerance of 0, 5 metros, at 28 sampling stations distributed along the area to be dragged.
The physical/chemical analyzes indicated in the MARN/MM Joint Dispatch dated 4 April 1995 were carried out, on 52 samples, corresponding to a sediment stratus of 1 m in depth. The results of this campaign allowed for the conclusion that in the most unfavorable situations the sediments were slightly contaminated - Class 2, which permitted the decision, at project level, as to the final destination of the sediments that were to be dragged.
This project was also the subject of a Study of Environmental Impact (EIA) which was subject to an Evaluation of Environmental Impact (AIA), within the scope of the respective judicial regime (Decree nº 69/ 2000 of 3 May, 2000), foreseeing that the principal impact would be felt during the construction phase, particularly regarding the quality of the water, during the dragging operations and immersion of dragged materials.
The process of Evaluation of Environmental Impact with the publication of the Declaration of Environmental Impact (DIA), 13 December 2004, approved the work, conditional to the carrying out of diverse studies and the accompaniment of the workmanship, as well as, the implementation of minimization measures, notably:
Revision of the forecasts of environmental sonorous impact;
Sub-aqueous archaeological accompaniment of the dragging to establish the canal;
Monitoring of the quality of sediments, immediately before the beginning of the dragging to establish the canal and the subsequent maintenance drags;
Monitoring of the water quality in the dragging zones and immersion of materials dragged, before, during and after the dragging to establish the canal and maintenance;
Monitoring of the levels of noise in sensitive places, near to the dragging zone.

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