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The Port of Lisbon
   22 September | 23:58
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Portal do Porto de Lisboa
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Port of Lisbon. Domanial Activities
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Domanial Activities Domanial Activities

Lisbon, the Tagus and the port

Live the port in Lisbon!
A door to communicate with the world.
A place of arrivals and departures.
The Reason of the city of Lisbon.
The Tagus outlines it and tears the Atlantic horizons.

The urban structure of the City of Lisbon is extremely marked by the presence of the River. In the avenues, roads and squares the relationship with the Tagus is rather evident. The urban toponymy confirms this in Ribeira das Naus, Rua dos Navegantes, Escadinhas da Praia, Rua dos Pescadores, Rua dos Bacalhoeiros and in many other places, revealing the ties between the city and the river.

Amidst an atmosphere of lovely contrasts, its riverfront offers a wide range of recreational, cultural and sports activities, strongly marked by the movement of ships, tugs, cranes and hoists, a characteristic of a true Atlantic capital.

Amongst other incentives, highlight goes to the commerce, the handicraft, the monuments, the restaurants, the bars, the outdoor cafés, the discos, the children’s swimming-pool, the jewellers’ school, the Electricity Museum, the Orient Museum, the outdoor sports and activities. There are also various entities that have set up their offices in this area that has the river as an inspiration element.

But it is not only the Lisbon riverfront that has this relationship with the River Tagus. In all the municipalities around the estuary, 11 in all, there is a richness of memories and activities that confirms its connection to the marine landscape and lived experiences of the Sea and the River.

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