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The Port of Lisbon
   13 May | 23:01
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VTS Announced Cargo Vessels- Port of Lisbon, December 1st – 7th
Friday , 30 November 2018
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The port of Lisbon expects 22 cargo ships for the coming week. By category:  Container Ship: 8 / Tanker: 2 / Mixed Cargo Ship: 2 / General Cargo (single deck): 4 / Ro-Ro Cargo Ship: 1 / Bulk Carrier: 5
From the scheduled ships we highlight the ship JPO ARIES. Represented by Ocidenave- Navegação, Ld.ª, the ship flies the Portuguese flag and serves the regular line MEDCAN, operated by Melfi Marine Corp., Ltd., which connects the Mediterranean to the Iberian Peninsula (Barcelona, Valencia and Lisbon) Canada, and the Caribbean (Cuba). The ship has a GT of 25.361 t., 33.937 t. of DWT, 207,33 m. in length, the capacity to carry up to 2.470 TEU containers and will be operated at the Santa Apolónia Container Terminal.
Please note: This data is provisional and changes may occur.



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