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The Port of Lisbon
   18 November | 17:22
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Portal do Porto de Lisboa
Puerto de Lisboa
Port of Lisbon
Port of Lisbon. Cargo
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Cargo ships at Port of Lisbon from 17th to 23rd November Icon
Cargo ships at Port of Lisbon from 17th to 23rd November

There are 22 cargo ships scheduled for the period from the 17th to 23rd November. By classification, will arrive at the Port of Lisbon, 8 container carriers, 6 general cargo single deck, 4 mixed - general cargo / containers 3 tanks and 1 bulk carrier. We highlight this week the vessel “CPT.AHMAD II”, a vessel classified as a mixed - general cargo / containers, operated by NTC – Navegação, Transportes e Comércio, Lda.. Coming from the Spanish port of Vigo, the ship has 2,827 t. of GT, 88.25 meters long, 6.5 meters draft, 8 crew on board and Belize flag. This ship comes to Lisbon to carry out a marble loading operation at the Beato Multipurpose Terminal, operated by TMB, following a trip to the port of Latakia in Syria   Read More
Cargo ships at Port of Lisbon from 10th to 16th November

There are 31 cargo ships scheduled for the period from the 10th to 16th November. By classification, will arrive at the Port of Lisbon, 12 container carriers, 7 general single deck cargo, 3 tanks, 3 bulk carriers, 3 mixed - general cargo / containers, 2 general cargo multi deck and 1 dredger. We highlight this week the vessel “S SANTIAGO”, a vessel classified as a container carrier, operated by Hapag-Lloyd Portugal, Lda.. Coming from the Dominican Republic of the port of Caucedo, the ship has 54,214 t. of GT, 294 meters long, 10.5 meters of draft, 25 crew on board and flag of the Marshall Islands. This vessel belongs to the weekly regular line MPS - Mediterranean Pacific Service and comes to Lisbon to perform both loading and unloading operations at the Alcantara Container Terminal, operated by Liscont, following to the Moroccan port of Tanger Med   Read More
The Port of Lisbon operates 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
Managed by the Authority of the Port of Lisbon and supported by a dynamic and experient community its mission is to render a multifunctional service oriented towards the client.
As a multifunctional port, the port of Lisbon comprises various specialised terminals in the handling of all type of cargo, placing it in a privileged competitive position.

The geo-strategical centrality affords it an enhanced statute at international level, placing it amidst the world’s main maritime routes. Lisbon assumes the role of fundamental link between the Mediterranean and the North of Europe, but also as a revolving board of international commerce between Europe, Africa, America and the Far East.
Throughout the years, the Port of Lisbon has registered a noteworthy growth in all business areas, thus becoming an important engine of social-economic development of the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region. It is national leader in the agri-bulk cargo segments.

The Port of Lisbon is an important multimodal logistics platform, which is integrated in the Trans-European transport network and thus assures the quick flow of all types of merchandise.
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